At one of our earliest meetings, Strong Towns PDX discussed what Portland, OR, would feel like if one billion bollards were installed nationwide. We talked about how our communities would be a lot safer if pedestrians were protected at intersections.

We also asked ourselves, where would we put all of the bollards? If we could each place a few bollards, where would we place them, based on our lived experiences and understanding of our neighborhoods?

We encourage you to think about where bollards would enhance safety in your community. Interact with and observe your neighborhood. Which intersections do you (or a family member, friend, neighbor) use most often? What intersections make you feel the most unsafe?

Through a collective process of consideration and mapping, we hope to envision a better reality where pedestrian safety is prioritized.

America needs a billion bollards. There is no coherent argument against lining every street in America with them. This is the minimum level of protection needed to keep people safe from violence. It is the least we can do to correct the massive asymmetry of risk experienced on our nation’s streets by people outside of a vehicle.

- Chuck Marohn, Strong Towns


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